No reply after filling out the form(Instagram account disabled)

Hello folks,

My Instagram is banned since months know and after I confirmed my information in app. But the form they’re suggesting me isn’t working, I’m never getting a response after submitting it. And the other form where you can tell them whether your account is a business or not gives me a response but after sending them the code I’m getting this automatic respond everytime.!

Suggested form:Screenshot_20200629-014104|293x500 Response after filling out the other form: Screenshot_20200629-014140|230x500


Try to check your spam folder and try to look for message that has subject like it’s coming Facebook and not from Instagram. See if you will find a reply from them.

No only the other form I used works and it only works sometimes so they only sometimes reach out to my, I think they blocked my Ip or something like thaht.

I think you should try entering a different email address. If your email is gmail, you can try to add . (dot) in your email, and see if you will get a response from them

Try with the email

Keep submitting daily, you can keep trying an unlimited amount of times and it will increase your chance of successful recovery.