NO success with Jarvee and fake girl accounts

Hey guys,

I created ca. 10 fake girl account which looks real and set up Jarvee to follow the followers of some amateur pornstars and girls with 50-100k follower which instagram suggested to follow for me.

After clicking on the link I created a really simple landing page with 18+ enter button I get very less conversations. How can I increase that?

Additionally I set up to post every day a post of the girl which I chooses.

The guys have only to enter their nails.


Scale it :wink: and regarding the offer try to get SOI and not DOI. Which network are you sending your traffic to? May they have also a prelander in between?

You need to prepare more data for us.

YEs they have prelander but when I add the link without my own landing page it will increase my ban rate not?

I’ll post it later after Beeing home

I also, I had 6 accounts of girls, very good, from 30 to 190k, now instagram has banned 4 me there are only two left, one from 38 and another from 90, I honestly do not know how to make money on these accounts, have a good engagement and the followers are all real, I thought to sell shout-out but I do not know how to propose, you have ideas

What do u promote ? Some adult stuff ?
If yes, then 10 accs is not enough to get some good profit

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Adult links is the riskiest and least profitable area there is in insta


What is the most profitable links (cpa niche/offer) in you opinion ?
Adult is really hard niche with high ban rate

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Yeah. Very easy to get sniped


I know some doing ok in clothing-- and of all things furniture. I know nobody doing good in adult except ones with own web sites. The ones who do very good – do not tell. Hard core fact finding is needed to find out and it is possible…

Adult is not hard at all and it’s more profitable than ogads niches. Just find a way to not get banned or get loads of accounts. Start with smartlinks and then try PPS-offers.

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Why do you thing adult is hard the guys are horny in my experience non adult offers are very hard because why should the people complete an iPhone win offer or something like that. I think the people doesn’t trust in things like that

Cuz with adult niche - accounts get a lot of reports - as a result - a lot of bans


How much accounts do you have on Jarvee approx.?

Do you take the Girl Pictures from other Instagram Real Girl profiles?