No verification code

My account is temporary locked but when I go to the email, the confirmation code does not have, I check in the email, there is no code to verify, what should I do? help me

What is your email provider?

domain email…

other emails are still normal, but there are some accounts, the verification code is not available…I checked spam

Do you use catch all?
Multiple accounts using that domain? How many?

Unfortunately Instagram might banned your domain and all accounts who use that domain will not get any code anymore.

are you sure about that, have you been in the same situation as me? i don’t think instagram bans domain names, because i’m using this domain for 4-5 years, a lot of accounts


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Yeah depends how many accounts are on the domain. If you are automating on all of them IG will link it.

There will be issue with your IP Location not with Domain. Sometime it takes time to receive on e-mail. So, try after sometime.

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You don’t know what you are talking about if you said this. Don’t give false informations.

I use but have the same problem