Non-USA 4G Proxies on USA Instagram Account?

Will there be a problem logging into and managing a USA-created and aged IG account from a foreign 4G proxy? What if, say, the proxy is from India or some third world place?

Secondary question: What if the account was created in India, aged, logged into via US, and then logged into again via some other country’s 4G proxies?

Also, is it true that if you are not breaking any rules or spamming you can never get banned by using a 4G proxy as long as you are just maintaining one account for personal/business use?

Nope. You can get banned for random as things nowadays. My girlfriends business account got banned after 1 week. She did zero automation, was the only account on the phone. Made manually with real sim etc. Its never 100% safe.

People do change ips but you need a very good warmup and to make sure you do human actions that IG won’t suspect. Since you are not automating it should be ok. But do everything very slowly. Especially when reprofiling as that can be a trigger.

For mother child I always match account creation country to the one I run on.

Thanks mate. What if I only intend to post and never view much or follow people? Is that okay? Say, 3-5 posts a day at random times but with hash tags. Likely to receive a ban?

Why not just put them onto meta suite and setup the posts on that. You can run accounts safely if its like 3 or so. Probably the easiest way. Having 3-5 accounts isnt against the rules so you don’t need to be to scared of bans.

When you run thousands like me. Then you have to be careful.

Thanks. I love learning about this stuff. Side question: if you had a 100k+ IG account, how would you monetize it? What would be the minimum and also the most realistic you’d earn per month from it?

It depends on the niche and engagement. If its basically fake follows or poor demographics its worth nothing unless you are manually dming.

For good niches you can make money selling ecom products, shoutouts, promos etc.

Can’t estimate as its niche department.

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