Non voip US phone services to try

Hey everyone,

Some of the popular services like smsvpa and getsmscodes for phone verifications have been giving me a lot of issues with my marketing lately. I searched for better providers and have tried the following that are worth looking into and thought I’d share:

verifywithsms com
Used to be my go-to service, have a decent price and his service is very fast. Sometime Paypal put on hold the payment and then i need wait for Paypal. This service is really very good. .

reddit com/r/phoneverifcation
Can get really good deals but can be unpredictable and inconvenient. You gotta wait for the seller to respond and be online. Have to do thorough vetting to make sure numbers are non-VoIP and US. I would sometimes have to spend 2 days trying to get a seller because they weren’t available. I used to waste so much time on this.

5sim net
Good service, decent pricing. I’ve used them for the last batch of 25 Google voice accounts, but sometime give me an error. I thinks can be better, but it’s an option

Good luck everyone!