Non-VoIP US Phone Verification Services To Try

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Some of the popular services like smsvpa and getsmscodes for phone verifications have been giving me a lot of issues with my marketing lately. I searched for better providers and have tried the following that are worth looking into and thought I’d share:
Used to be my go-to service but I have been unable to buy credits with them for the last 5 months (I think they’re having systemic service/hardware outages/issues) which is why I was back looking for a phone verification provider. They have become very unreliable.
Can get really good deals but can be unpredictable and inconvenient. You gotta wait for the seller to respond and be online. Have to do thorough vetting to make sure numbers are non-VoIP and US. I would sometimes have to spend 2 days trying to get a seller because they weren’t available. I used to waste so much time on this.
Good service, decent pricing. I’ve used them for the last batch of 25 IM accounts I’ve made and they’re going strong. Their numbers are non-VoIP US and support text and voice verifications (awesome for Twitter). They have rentals too for longer term use (pump and dump).

Here are some others I’ve come across but haven’t tried since coming across

Good luck everyone!


i think that doing your own verification is still the best, ofc is time consume if your network is very big, but still the safest. Trusted VA may do the job.

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There is also @kraadnc that is recommend by many here :slight_smile:


I have used his service before but needed a source for USA numbers since my marketing is now focused on US accounts. His service was good as well but doesn’t offer USA numbers.

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You can use every number you want @jankel It doesnt really matter from which country the number is as long it is a really number and didnt misused before you use it.


I find that it does mater…80% of my accounts made wth www.smspv.acom accounts have been banned over the course of last year. None of my acounts made with have been baned.

I think quality of nmbers and numbers matching your geo-market really matters.


Thanks for this list. Are textverifieds numbers USA numbers?

Yea they are. I’ve checked their numbers with twilio. always from a major us carrier (verizon, sprint etc.)

Yes, and they’re one time use. Basically they remove the number from usability after being used. Only downside to that is you can never re-verify with the same number.

It costs about $0.83 per verification though so you might want to reserve using textverified for your more pristine accounts.

I think I saw they have rental numbers for longer term but they charge weekly so it’s not really sustainable unless you have a killer social media following. Then the $4/week for a number is easily worth it. I want to get there one day :slight_smile:

Where do you get your sims from?

I’ve used @kraadnc service and found it very good

Contact @kraadnc
His service is great