[Noob question] How I actually post photo's with multiple accounts?

I want to grow a couple accounts, max 10, but how I actually post photo’s? I got a vps, dedicated proxies, 1 for every account, I have verified em all with real sims, now what?

I know of bluestacks but how to have bluestacks with all a other ID nr as I just don’t want to take the rist of maybe yes or maybe no ban when running multiple accounts on 1 bluestacks.

Or maybe there are other ways.


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Massplanner can do that for you! You can either use the repost tool or create your own campaign

Really? Cool, could you direct me to the right tutorial? Yeah man, it is a bit overwhelming so many options at once. How about the emoticons you normally have on your mobile, is there a code list or something?

I want to upload own content so no reposts.


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Of course. Massplanner video tutorials are the best so here you go:

I think in your case you should watch video 8 to video 14.


About the emojis, there is actually a post on it on this forum:

Or you could also get them here: getemoji.com

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Thanks for the info bro

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you’re welcome :slight_smile: