Noob wants to make $10-20 per day. Pointers please

Hi everyone,

So when it comes to making money online I am very new to this. I do have an Amazon merch account but it is quite steady at the moment and I have invested a lot of time in it.

What I am looking to do now is start something new which will make a steady trickle of 10-20 bucks a day, which I believe will be a match with how “simple” the method is.

I am a good learner and am more than happy to be pointed in the right direction. I don’t need spoon feeding full on guides but I do need a nod in the right direction. Instagram accounts can be grown for these methods if need be. I just need to know what to look for, which is a good method, then off I go and I can share progress etc.

Thanks in advance!

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I guess that I should add that there is SO MUCH info out there that I don’t know which is a bit more advanced than others. I suppose I am looking for something at a beginner level to seek my teeth into.

Like I said above, I can research a lot about it myself. It just seems that there are so many different methods. Oh and I would likely put my own spin on it too.

why you dont mix your amazon account+ instagram
and lead instagram folks to your amazon stuff?
make your own url and stuff,
basically what im sayin is promote allready what you have
if you sellin/promote cool stuff from amazon i dont see any bad reason
why you wont push it on instagram aswell

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Have you tried a paperroute.exe?


Go to Upwork and apply as virtual assistant

Yeah I was thinking about upwork, Konker and fiverr to be honest. Thanks!

I’m starting to build an instagram at the moment for my Amazon stuff. Haven’t yet dropped the link there. I really do need to get a move on and build a site don’t I?! Thanks man!

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H) All the above - Become a Upwork, Konker and Fiverr VA who helps supernewbie Amazon mech starting from $0/day and want to use Instagram to market their products.

You don’t really need site. There is many free ways to showcasr your products. Many use Shopify because there are many apps inside. Since you want to learn, try to keep your cost down. That way you can experiment a lot

build your own website for amazon stuff can be good if you are google seo killer
but i dont know how much is necessary if you run a good ig, you can mix stuff up tho
you can success in everything you put your mind into,
start with one and find out whats working
for you the best, then move to 3 ig profiles and keep scale things up
good luck with amazon sellling hope you will make a nice buck from it

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