Noobs questions - building followers and landing page or no

Hi everyone - I am new here. Sorry if these seem like stupid questions, but I have had an IG account for a couple of years, mainly for personal use. I have seen and created a new IG account for business use. I would like to start growing a following (bot buying them) and promote affiliate products. I have read through some posts here and they are great - thank you all for being so helpful. So here are my questions:

  1. I have seen some of you mention jarvee - is this a legit tool to help grow a following or will this get my account flagged/banned?
  2. What is the consensus here for either having a bitly link in my bio to the affiliate product landing page, or a bitly link to a landing page for me to collect emails, then direct them to the affiliate product? (My main goal is to make money but I am thinking ahead that I should also build a list while I’m at it).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Jarvee is a software that can help you grow your social media accounts, get more likes, followers, comments…etc.

Yes, Jarvee is a legit tool that can help you a lot, they have so many tools and options.

check their knowledge base:

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It is legit and working well, but you need to put a bit of effort into it to find the right way to grow your account.

my advice is if ur current account has more than 10k followers, then i suggest u to create a new acc and run it on Jarvee…the reason is IG can do any update any time and u may risk in losing ur acc.

It’s legit but you need to make sure that you are doing everything correctly, with all current recommendations.

I think you will get banned quickly if you put the link that redirects to a landing page of your affiliate product. You can do a test on a new account to see. It’ll be better if the link is to a landing page where you can collect emails. Also, in case your IG account gets banned for some reason, at least you will still have the email list.

Affiliate links will definitely kill your reach, at least. Another good practice is sending traffic to your own landing page, which would then link out to the affiliate product. This could be content based (like a review/use case), or simply an image, product details, and a “Buy Now”/“Learn More” button or something (good for e-comm and directing to detailed sales pages).

This is particularly helpful if you’re dealing with international e-commerce traffic and affiliate programs like Amazon’s, so you can properly route traffic to the country-level site and monetize it (otherwise it will redirect and you can’t).

Email lists are great, just have that compelling freebie to offer and be honest about what you’re linking out to. Depending on what you’re promoting, the company may already have email assets in the affiliate portal that you can use/manipulate, as well.