Not able to follow/unfollow

Hello. Has anyone ever experienced the following problem:

I’m doing manual IG growth from a desktop using Google Chrome Incognito

After opening a profile link on Instagram, I’ll hit follow/unfollow button and it works, but after refreshing the page or when I try to revisit that page the last command I did was not visible. For example I clicked on unfollow, it will unfollow the profile but when I click on refresh or revisit that profile I found out that I am still following that profile even though I already clicked unfollow few moments ago. Not receiving any error og temb block messages from IG

Anyone ever experienced this or know what the problem might be?

Thank you :pray:

It’s possible that you have been soft ban by ig. I suggest resting account for 2 weeks

Faack. Hope not. 7 clients are affected by this. Not receiving any temb ban message from IG though?

Why Google Chrome Incognito? You can create different Chrome instances, with each their own folder with cookies and settings etc. That way you can stay logged in.

Do you use proxies? If you do this for 7 clients you cannot do this from 1 IP.

Yep, that is a soft temporary blocked sort off.
Used to get it when I unfollow too many
You have to just log out and log in or wait a day or two

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Do you know any tutorials on how to do this?

It is easy to do…

I assume that you have a Chrome icon on your desktop. Right click and choose “create shortcut”.

After that, you will have a second Chrome icon on your desktop. You can rename it to for example the name of your client by slowly clicking 2 times on the name below the icon.

Next thing is you right click on the new icon you made and choose “properties”. It looks like this:

In “Target” you see something like this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”

and you change that to:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” --user-data-dir=“C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\chrome\0100”

You can change the location of that folder to anything you want. Next time when you start chrome it will create a lot of files in the folder you specified. This way you will have a completely new instance of Chrome, with it’s own cookies. You can install plugins etc.

Another thing you can add is: --proxy-server=“”

That instance of Chrome will use the proxy you specified. But it only works with proxies with IP authentication. If you want to use proxies with username:password authentication you will have to change that in the Chrome settings or use a plugin.

Thank you very much. Appreciate it :pray:

Do you think it’s better to work on accounts from smartphones and using the app instead of desktop?

If you use several accounts on the app you will connect these acocunts together. I don’t know what this means for daily follow/unfollow limits. But not a problem of course if you use several phones…

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Maybe it’s some kind of soft block or current glitch on their side. You didn’t mention if you use proxies when login to these accounts from your browser?

Yes. I am using residential proxies for the accounts. 1 proxy for each account

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