Not being able to post pictures ocassionally

okay before people start bashing its your proxies or account quality

let me say that this account is logged on my phone and using 4g proxies… did not even put it on mp

i was just wondering if any of you are having these issues recently?

funny thing i found this on buffer website

they claim its a bug on instagram that is not going to be fixed anytime soon… which is ridiculous

i’ve got a few influencers that i know are having this issue as well… it goes on and off all the time

anyone having this issue too?

I had a similar issue, every time I uploaded a pic even if ig said upload completed it didn’t show up. Why I did in that case is log out, and after a while all the new pictures I uploaded showed up together

Haven’t encountered this recently, I would try changing the images hash signature, helped me once.

I’ve never encountered this bug before! But I agree with Instagram that there are quite specific bugs that are never fixed (sometimes it lasts for months/years). :sweat:

Can you post videos? I had the same issue. But i was able to post videos instead of pictures. After a while i was able to post pics again

are you posting via app?

I just tried video and its the same thing

yes i am using the latest ig app

It can happen from time to time like that.

Did you try resetting the password?