Not enough sources

So I am a bit curious how this works for Follows and Likes. Basically got this error today and was unsure how I didnt have enough sources? Up to this point, I have followed 4000k people, but in my sources, I have accounts with over 1 million followers.

I could see how this is possible if I am filtering somehow.

Can anyone tell me how to tune-down the filters?

Make sense?


EDIT: I believe that I have relaxed settings, but it is still a mystery exactly what setting/s make 1m followers turn into 4k follows then an error…

How long have you been using the same sources and are you sharing it with other accounts? What sources are you using? Please share a screenshot of your settings including the filters, thanks.

yeah i have had that happen to me too. i follow accounts with millions of followers and after 2 months it says no more sources.

Yea I have been sharing it with one other account.

any help would be mucho appreciado!

How long have you been using the same sources? The error is from the red ‘!’ in the source Follow friends of target accounts, right?

Yes I currently have 1888 follows total.

UPDATE: Just 2 seconds late the numbers changed. Its working now, but I dont know how?!?!

Are you using a proxy for the account? If yes, the proxy could have had an intermittent connection.

The checkmark is the settings I used before, the ARROW is something I added after.

Yes I have been having intermittent Internet issues.

Thanks for info, it looks like the error was caused by the connection, got a few emails like these and when the connection got better, the ! disappeared and the follow action started.

@MrSterling The no more users to follow message can appear if your proxy isn’t working for some reason, when you see a red ! in all your sources take a look at Proxy Manager tab and click on verify all and see if your proxies are working, if they are just stop and start the follow tool and the red ! will disappear.

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Thanks Said for the reply, will check that if it happens again.