Not Jarvee - Growth manual

Majority here recommends Jarvee, but I have the time to do it on my own manually. I would like to use the follow/unfollow method to grow my personal account (6 years old)

I thought about the following actions:

Follow people from my niche, 75 per day divided into different hours (max 6/7 per hour), for three days and then stop for two days following, start unfollowing at different times also for two days, and repeat again. I think this way is not aggressive and I would not put myself at risk. What do you think or what recommendations can you give me to do manually?

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I mean I’m pretty sure most people here, myself included, got into this after doing a lot of things manually :wink: So you can for sure do it by hand, and just follow similar limits to those you read on jarvee guides here. I can tell you confidently that you won’t ever put yourself at risk at the rates you listed… pretty sure I follow more than 6/7 hot girls and car pages from my discover page per hour (IG knows my weakness). hahaha

My recommendation is to not even worry about this method if you are against automation… just go post really good content and work/spend your time on getting better at that. You’re 75 per day might help a little… but that’s like saying Im going to do 10 bicep curls 5 days a week and have 18 inch arms in 3 months. :muscle: Understand your target audience and start collaborating (no idea what your industry is but doesnt matter a ton). Happy to go more into depth if you want to give us a little more insight into the goals for the page. It doesnt matter how much you automate/manually engage… content is the bigger part of the puzzle when it comes to your biz or a page with some goal in mind.


Hi! Thank your for your time! I wanna do that cuz I already have almost 50k without doing any method ever, and that is because of my content. Yesterday I wanted to see what my average follow back was and I followed 50 accounts of the niche, 42 followed me back. That’s why I think that I do not need to follow 500 per day and put myself at risk. I am evaluating what is my best option

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Hey there, I would like to chime in and say that I used to manually follow until I got action blocked without ever having any repercussions on my accounts. There is something about doing it manually (maybe the residential IP, the app, or something else) that allows you to do crazy amounts of actions.

Also would like to add that the only time I have ever lost an account with automation is from using copyrighted content. (doing up to 2000 actions a day). So if you are doing it manually, with original content, I wouldn’t worry.

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Hi andrew! thanks for your time! could you explain me better? it’s half confusing what you said, you say that doing it manually blocked you but then you say me to do not worry if it’s manually and with original content I can do a lot of actions without any problem

He means that he just kept on following people on the IG app until it would not follow any more, this is called an action block and is quite common.

Yes, what @Avo said. I would get action blocked, aka couldn’t follow anymore for a little while (a couple hours at most) and then I could repeat the process.

But my accounts were always fine. No suspensions or shadow bans :slight_smile:

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