Not reaching enough people on IG

I usually post about TikTok, but I’ve been experiencing some IG issues lately. My TikTok account has been performing incredibly well, with over 715k followers at the moment and counting. Instagram however is going down.

With 28k followers, I decided to make a 2nd account and it is already performing better than the 28k one I’ve had for years. I hardly get more than 200 likes per post, while the account I made a few days ago already has 250+/post with 800 followers and is reaching way more people, even on the explore page… any explanation for that?


well I think the new was made correctly and you are using it right hence IG is trusting that account and showing it to more people for now, keep an eye on both accounts and if that difference is getting bigger I would suggest investing into the new one.

There’s definitely something wrong with the main one, either with the hashtags I’ve used or they’ve detected something else.

Do you think with consistent posting, and obviously following their guidelines, it’d be possible to “revive” it? I can easily grow a new one from scratch, and it’s already going well, but since it’s a personal account, I don’t want to lose the photos and stories I’ve shared. That’s 10 years of memories.

You can contact them from here:

If you’ve already submitted the form and still haven’t got an answer from IG, just keep contacting them and keep submitting forms until you get a reply.

Thank you! Will give it a shot

Are you posting the same content on both accounts or is it different?

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Are you using the same hashtags for all your posts? Many users have reported that their hashtags haven’t been working which is evidently because they use the same set of hashtags repeatedly.
Try different combinations, and see if it works for you.

May you are mistaken while making the first account?

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I don’t really believe in revving an account because the IG algo is so strict once they put the account on a place it’s hard to get out of that palce but yes, you can try and follow their guides to the letter and see how it goes.

It was made almost 10 years. I’ve never had issues until recently.

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Just posted a Reel for the first time, and while posts are not performing well at all, the Reel got over 60k views overnight.

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Reels perform way better than posts, so yeah you should explore that way. Same case for multiple clients ; low reach on posts, extreme on Reels.

Stupid algo yeah

Is it worth starting a new account, or shall I stick with the one I’ve had for 10 years? Yes, the new one is performing way better, but I’ll lose all my memories and even some well-known people and celebrities that follow it. What are you thoughts?

If reel is working for you then you can grow and explore that way.

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that’s wierd, how about now, did the account perform well after few weeks?

The thing is, I do care about my current followers, since many of them are well-known people or verified accounts.

May be that’s because to the content. The content you are posting on the new account is better then the old one.

I’m reposting the exact same content from my main account in chronological order.

Please avoid posting the same exact content for both accounts as that may place both your accounts in jeopardy. I would agree that it could be with the way your account was established, and the old account may not have a very good trust score compared to that of the new one.

It’s the same content, but a little bit modified (colour-wise). The size of the images is also different. And yes, I believe it’s the trust score, since I’ve done follow-unfollow in the past. The new one is performing 70% better than the one with thousands of followers.