Not receiving SMS from sim problem

I verified some ig accs last week with 1acc/sim, now I tried to verify again with sim that I verified first time and now I dont’ get the sms. Happened on two different accounts with different sims.The sim is valid, I see operator’s name and full signal.
Is there a problem with the account or is a glitch ?
Did you guys experience this ?

Have you tried via API or Embedded browser?

Jason, I’ve had the exact same problem and I continue to have this problem. I don’t know why this works but it has worked for me 100% of the time.

If you can’t receive the code for your accounts, just go back to social profiles and hit verify. It will pop up a PV again but just give it 24 hours and try again.This works perfectly for me. It’s not your sims that are the issue.

I believe it is an issue with Instagram because I tried to do a PV on a normal browser, and it still didn’t work.

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Hey all,

I’ve had the same issue which is from Instagram and not the mobile numbers you are using.

Sometimes I’ve just had to reinsert the mobile number and it works.

Just wait for a few hours 6-24 and it will start working again.

Guys it doesn’t work, I waited 62 hours and I still don’t get the code.
The sim its ok, I send sms from my phone to the sim successfully.
I am freaking out, I have a lot of PV to do with my sims and I don’t get the code.

Please help

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It’s alright, it will eventually work. I had this same problem at the start of last week for about 4 days. I couldn’t receive any code from Instagram at all and I have 400 Insta accounts!

They’ve been updating their phone verification system from the looks of it. I’ve seen a different looking verification screen pop up on some accounts and it seems to be behaving differently - not accepting a few of my phone numbers when setting up new accounts, keep on getting repeated PV’s for some accounts etc…

It may have just been coincidence when it started working again but I tried verifying a few of my accounts with a few new SIM cards. Once the SIM card was activated (usually have to wait about 10 mins and turn airplane mode on/off a few times), I entered that number into Instagram and voila, I finally received a code from them and then all my old stored SIMs started working again with Instagram.

So, generally speaking once you get one SIM and account to verify, the rest should work again. If your setup isn’t big and you’re still struggling to gets codes, try buying a few cheap aged accounts and getting them to the phone verify screen and see if you can receive the codes from those accounts.

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How many igram accounts per sim you use ?

1 SIM per account 95% of the time

If you use 1 account per SIM you will get code 100% of time. It only happens if we use 2-3 ACC’s per sim

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