Not receiving verification code!

Ayoo when Instagram requires to verify if it’s really me it says that i has sent the email with the verification code in my Yahoo address but it never arrives. I did the same thing with another account and i signed up a new yahoo email address and it worked perfectly even though i had already registered the insta acc with that (not signed up to Yahoo) email address. Can anyone help i don’t know what to do? Is there a solution?

I had the same thing happen with some russian accounts. Was nothing I could do.

Try changing IP address or device from where you are trying to send the code. Also, try waiting 24-48 hours and then give it another shot.

How do i do that?

Try from a different device, phone or PC.

I did, it didn’t work.
Imma try to delete the account and wait for 30 days until yahoo deletes it from their database and then sign up again with the same address, cause when i tried it with my other ig account, it worked perfectly as i said before.

Just tryna keep the convo up lol

I had this issue with yahoo before as well.
Then the account suddenly received the code again a few weeks later.
Very strange as it could send/receive all other emails.
Keep us updated if deleting the account works for you and how quickly you can sign up the same email again.

Holy shit how tf did you know i did that wtf.
I deleted my Yahoo address on the 3 of November.
Now I’ll see what i can do.

Because you said that you did that :sweat_smile:

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Oh shit i forgot :joy:

Well it did not work cause yahoo isn’t letting me sign up with the email address that i tried to deactivate (a month ago ) so idk what to do