Not showing in recent posts

I have had my suspicions about my fitness account being shadowbanned and maybe this is proof.

I set a geotag for the gym I work at and posted. My photo did not show up in the recent posts. My girlfriend posted at the same time with the geotag and hers is on there (she has basically no follwers).

Does this mean I’m shadow banned? Or it an error?

I stupidly used a bot on it early this year and got my engagement cut in half because of it. This is the first time I have tagged a location since.

It could be either a shadowban or an error. If I were you, I would post an additional tag specific to you and see if you show up there

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Yeah I can place in hashtags and I added the same location to another post and it shows. Maybe its a bug with the pic

That is really strange. Post another pic tomorrow with tagged location and see what happens? Check the insights? 1 is too small of a sample size to tell.

Yeah super weird. Ill try again tomorrow when I do another gym pic. Maybe I used a bad hashtag. Not sure

It could be a glitch or some IG didn’t like your caption or hashtags. Which hashtags you used when the post didn’t show up in the recent posts? Is the post not showing in the recent posts of that location or it’s not showing when you click on some of the hashtags from the posts? Later you used the same location and different hashtags and the post did show up on in the recent posts, is that right?