Noticed increased engagement / likes after posting picture to Insta page story

So I’ve always posted pictures to my story, but they have always been directly from my phone’s library. After doing this in the past I have never noticed any difference in engagement.

Tonight I posted a picture that hit around 425 likes until the likes slowed down. Three hours after posting, I took a couple pictures through Instagram stories and posted it to my story.

Shortly after this, the likes started rolling in once again, quickly. I received another 250 likes and 5 comments in one hour after posting to the story right from my camera. Thus bringing my total to 600

This will easily be my highest liked picture, and although it is a great picture, it is very similar to the rest of my library.

I did a location search, and hashtag search related to my picture, and I was on the “Top Posts” page for both. I don’t think I have ever made this before.

Has anyone else experimented with the stories and noticed similar results?


That’s awesome, congrats to you :clap: Just keep on testing until you find what works best, thanks for sharing, will try it too :slight_smile:


keep in mind that content i 80% of the equation :wink:

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Thank you Josh! I am going to try this!!

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I’ve definitely noticed a huge boost in likes on recent pictures as well as old ones when I post to my story. My theory is that the story feature is the only thing that remains chronological on Instagram, so when you post to that your profile bubble pops up on the top of the home feed at the far left. The more frequently you update it, the more you stay there. It’s a good way to remind your followers about your page if you’re experiencing low engagement with the current home feed algorithm.