Notification for all bans from Instagram?

Do Instagram notify us for every time it imposes action block on our account?

usually you will get a notification that informs you “Action blocked” unless they shadow ban your account.

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So, is shadow ban ONLY type of a ban/block where you do NOT get notified?

If the block is limited to certain actions and/or for quite a short time span, it won’t show up the action block popup. You will continue to perform actions normally but later you would notice they disappear.

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You need to keep an eye on the actions that you do, sometimes IG remove followers, likes and comments without any notification and that can happen if they noticed that you are buying fake likes or followers.

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@Luca That literally has nothing to do with what @fluid_eye asked for.

Usually, yes, they do!

How would IG know if someone is buying likes/follows? Because I see a lot of celebrities with bots liking their photos and they never loose likes.

That depends on trust score of your account as well I believe. They will probably not remove followers or disable account to some celebrity but if they notice that your account is relatively new and that you are getting followers fast and that most of them are fake then that can happen obviously.

Do you know what determines trust score besides age of the account?

So instagram prob just ignores if older accounts have a lot of fake likes and follows?? It’s honestly prob impossible for instagram to remove all bots because people can create more and more everyday.

Trust score of receiving account + ratio of engagement and reach along with its pattern + quality of accounts doing likes + IPs of accounts engaging + frequency of engagements of accounts engaging