Notifications not working help please

As the title says, it’s happened twice now and I noticed the second time it was straight after reinstalling the app as I was action blocked from dming people.

I’ve checked all notification settings and they’re right.

It’s quite important as I’m testing the first post method.

Another strange thing is when I post it says I’m blocked, I retry and it works just fine. Same with tagging people.

So I’m not sure if I’m action blocked from doing too many actions (haven’t been doing that many, waaaaay less than on other accounts) or is it just a bug?

I’ve pressed ‘tell us’ every time and also sent a couple through IG with obviously no reply.

Also to note, it’s running IOS 13 which seems to be an issue?


Bump, still not working and getting more frustrating daily

I think its down to instagram itself as i even reset my iPhone to no prevail.

It happened shortly after getting action blocked, but cannot find any topics on it on this forum or even on google.
Ive reinstalled multiple times

As well as this im still unable to DM anyone (most of the time, sometimes it works without a problem), its so strange as i can’t even DM people who have recently followed me which is a huge hinderance to my engagement. Sometimes im able to dm, sometimes not, it literally makes no sense

Fixed it by resetting my phone

Worked perfectly for a day

This morning i woke up liked one post and got action blocked, i relogged and editing bio to remove the block and for an unknown reason that seems to have stopped my notifications again.