Number of hashtags to be used on a new account

Hi guys, any recommendation on the number of hashtags that can be used with a new account. Can I use all 30? Also in terms of # of posts for each hashtag used - I assume you cannot go straight to hashtags with millions of posts? Are there any guidelines? I am asking because when I was starting my 1st account I got shadowbanned for a number of days and I believe it has to do with the hashtags usage however not 100% sure.

I personally say use what you think is necessary as a “proper user” Maybe each account is different.

I set my wife up an account the other day and her first post has none, second has about 4, third post has around twelve. This looks a bit more natural I guess. She is using big and small hashtags. Once it has been warmed up for a couple of weeks I am running it on low settings for her.

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Cheers, thanks a lot for the suggestion!