Observation -- Covid and ER/follow

I am seeing ER and follow rise on my accounts – the drops happened on March 15, when places here in the states started to close. Now the USA is reopening and follows and ER going up – Yout thoughts?


My ER has gone up by about 1% and I’m actually getting hashtag reach/followers from hashtags .

The accounts I was watching from earlier are still losing followers. I guess it varies


My ER is on its way up again (it dropped from ~13% pre-COVID to single digit, hit its lowest low of 4.5% last week), but very slowly.
Follows are getting better too, the purge or whatever that was at the end of May was such a disaster for growth, but its still not at its old rate.

Would be nice to see if things went up again.

Reach is still meh compared to before, but four of my photos I’ve posted in June are already performing better than the ones I posted last month.

Cool to see that it seems to be a trend and not just a lucky day.

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