Observations of Insta Today

A collection of things I noticed that are different and or the same from say 2 years ago on Instagram.

  1. Accounts still grow – likes are down, follows don’t come as fast.
    One of the greatest myth I see all over the place is Insta is dead or dying? I say …Huh?
    It has more users than ever before, it still reaches a boatload of people for free. Gone are the days that spoiled us – post, reach many, reap the benefits all for the cost of creating an account and botting( simplistic method – boys and girls – the free lunch days are over)…

  2. Botting works( fantasy or truth?.
    I put this here because the easy days as you are aware of have bite the dust and possibly some do have success on a grand scale – I left my beloved Jarvee 2 years ago. I miss it bad like a love I had to leave. – for success one cannot stand still and another thing I found speaking to others via DM – develop your own style of botting. DON’T COPY AND PASTE other systems – The AI is one fast learner and can spot patterns faster than you looking at her/his cute butt.

  3. Accounts losing followers( mine in quotes since March of 2020)
    Many tell you it is fakes being removed, others say post viral stuff( we all know the basics of growth in reposting – if you don’t – use the search feature here as it is a goldmine)
    Others say comment back and so on – standard stuff. I am here to tell you none of these work if the account is losing as reach always goes down as the follower count. Only one thing I have done recovered some of the accounts to grow back – post REELS, Post reels and if you can’t read – post reels. This was the only method I found that works. You can’t shout if the other accounts are losing also and one more thing – adding new followers from external sources does not solve the main issue – follower bleeding. The adage do the same thing over and you get the same results apply here. IF you lose daily or weekly even posting the most liked posts over and over on the planet – all hopes vanish.

  4. There might come a day when likes are removed for all to see on other accounts. How do we know what is the most viral? I use comment count as an indicator and so far works okay however not as good as a like based scrapper. Explore feed is also good with a twist – us an account in a different niche to search on your main niche. Example is cats – you have a cat account and want to know the most viral posts – go into your herbal tea account and search cats on the explore – it will bring up an unfiltered un biased top posts.


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God of Instagram,This is some Gold Insights.


Amazing insights, thank you for your wise words Alexnvo :pray:

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