Offervault , only legit networks or nah?


i want to register for few affiliate networks but cant find any reviews on them , so a question , does offervault gives a shit if the networks they
promote are legit or they just throw it in anything ? Other ways to test if network is good or no ?


They throw anything in and collect referrals. There is absolutely no screening process.


that’s what i thought , its bit f-ed up though , i dont rly trust these networks , some of them uses same script of applying to their network just different design and it really worries me allthought what they offer is what i rly need ;/
And “ScamAdviser” says some of these not providing their details like who is the owner and domains usaly from 8months to 1.5 years old , that doesnt look like legit busyness imo


What about affpaying? They have nice system with user reviews, of course everything can be faked, but seems legit to me.


havent heard about them. Ty Adnan , will check it out