Official Instagram page is promoting accounts on the explore page

Just now I went on the explore page tab of my personal account (through the phone). I scrolled down and saw an ad on the explore feed. It is an ad from the official Instagram page. First I never saw an ad on the explore page yet, second never saw Instagram promoting other accounts in that way.

Is this new?
Personally I never saw this before.

Is that a new form of advertising?

Maybe they have so much data about the users and uses now the data to display ads super targeted on the explore page of the targeted users.

Maybe this is a test and other accounts are also able to do this in the future.

This could be a huge change in how ads would work for growth.

Let’s discuss.


There was an update about it a few days ago, they are starting ads on the Explore feed.

Here’s the article about it:


Thank you! I didn’t saw that yet.

When Instagram would let everyone promoting the own posts on the explore page and Instagram is putting them in front of the right people and also the right amount of people in exchange for money, they would have full control over the platform and everyone has to pay X amount of money to get X amount of reach.

I had seen ads for companies but an ad like this promoting a personal page, this is my first time. Now seems like they are planning to fight costumer management the hard way, making it super easy for the client to buy directly from IG. But how effective it’ll be only time will tell.

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Client Management would be still possible and important but in a different way. But I don’t know we will see what happens in the next time.

It was always possible to do client management using ads but as you already know not everyone will be able to afford it, your target market will get smaller!!
in the other hand I don’t think it’s the end of automation we will adapt and advanced solutions will appear as the market is already here!!

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I did not know that, thank you.

Instagram sell shoutout :sweat_smile:

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Market will always be here but it will move to legitimate marketing agencies who do sponsored ads campaigns for clients, services for shoutouts etc. It is expensive yeah, but at least you never worry about account security. Its hard to predict what will be with automation maybe they fix these problems tomorrow maybe never, big companies will continue to exist buffer, hootsuite, but spamming IG with thousands of random follows/likes i don’t think this will continue like it used to be. You say yourself adapt, maybe that mean to start learning how to use ads and to start looking for clients who have budget to afford it.

Would it be a possibility after all this, that some of the bigger client management companies will do some sort of cooperation with IG?
I mean IG knows that these people have been handling clients for many years. And those who have survived so far, somehow have a proven ability to handle costumers after so many years.

Could it be possible for IG to outsource this part of the game to external agencies? And let them have a % of the share. This way make them run faster too?

Or would IG just keep the entire cake for themself?

ohh, c’mon! More ads??

Well I guess it was expected. Ads in the feed, ads in stories, now ads on the explore page.

Just waiting for sponsored accounts when searching and ads inside DM’s and we’ve got the full platform monetized.

If you look at the timeline of most social platforms they usually follow a certain pattern. Instagram was in it’s growth phase pretty much for the past 2 years and now as new user adaptation is declining they are moving into the monetization phase, ie. milking every penny out of the platform.

That’s what Zuck’s is a genius in.

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