Official Instagram Survey about the past 7 days

I just received a survey from Instagram on one of my accounts. They asked about the following:

Did I have issues with:
Following / Unfollowing
Too Many Story Ads
Not receiving as many Followers / Exposure as usual
Very old posts in feed.
Having a different Instagram version than my friends.

That’s a short summary.
The first couple question asked how much I was impacted by those changes and afterward how I feel that this hurt my overall Instagram Experience.

Would like to know how many of you also had this survey.

PS: In the moment I totally forgot to take screenshots :man_facepalming:


I haven’t had that yet, but that is actually a good sign. As it means that they know that IG is having a lot of issues as a result of all the changes that they have been doing.

I had a similar survey too…it was about my experience on Instagram. I had never received one before.

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Yeah exactly my thought

I never had a survey before either

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Interesting, or they are trying to know if people that are not boting are blocked from following…


Well it was on an account on which I used to F/UF and stopped now ~20k followers


@Tocham by the way, can you use the swipe up feature in story for this account ?

Yeah, why should this not work?

I think that’s exactly what I’ve assumed. This “limits” were maybe tests and now they want to find out how the users are responding to it.

I hope a lot of users who got this survey will answer negatively so Zuck will understand that reducing limits is a stupid idea. And then they start thinking about what kind of shit to do next with us


Although I think all our clients will send negative results of survey, we should remind them that they have to take the survey and answer with most negative answers

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Since they care about mental health so much as should all day it threw us into Depression


Where did the survey popup for you?

right at the top of the feed

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