OFFICIAL RESPONSE from Facebook for Zero Reach and what to do

As you may know, it’s been some months that a lot of pages are dealing with Zero Reach on all their posts, photos, videos, links, text, every post is with zero reach.

This problem has nothing to do with the link block that happens for click bait or fake new, this is a new block that Facebook is implementing and no one knows the real reason.

Anyway, to cut it short, this is the FACEBOOK OFFICIAL RESPONSE on how you can have your reach back and what to do and don’t do in this time.

Till now I don’t know the real reason why this blocks happens or what causes it, but it have nothing to do with copyright or links, because on all my pages that have been hit with this block, I never posted anything else beside photos and videos, and never, Never I got any report or copyright infringement.

Anyway, what you have to do is stop posting anything in your pages that are hit with the zero reach block for at least 4weeks Don’t post anything in this period because it may reset and extend the time of the block.

Take care


Which link you used to this appeal to know the date of unlock it ?
Please pass it to me

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Same thanks wow

Hi. Thanks but why 1 month? The answer you for the next day, or am I wrong? And how did you contact them? I think that it might be a mistake but I don’t know how to TELL this to someone. It’s a nightmare. I need to post stuff in the next weeks, I cannot shut down communication for all that time not even knowing if it will work… Please help us if you managed to solve the problem… I’m really desperate.

This is massacre what they do :frowning:
It will soon be necessary to buy 10 diamonds as in the game to send over 10 messages on FB!
And how you want to give 50 likes on instagram is also 10 diamonds …
PAY FOR WIN :frowning:

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Please stop spreading this nonsense. You don’t pay with diamonds on Facebook.

You want reach? You’ll have to pay for it. This is no news.

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My reach is actually “0”, really litterally “0”. 4 days ago the average reach for a post was 1500 people. Don’t you think there is a big problem here? Ok, they want to make your organic reach smaller and smaller in time but this seems a little strange, or not?
I really need help, something wrong is happening to my facebook page, and I cannot afford to lose any time, i need to fix it, that’s why right now it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m not even at work, and noone is paying me for this time spent to fix this but I am really worried and desperate for help.

facebook changed their algorithms if you want reach you should pay its all about money

It would be this if also the pages of people I know were experiencing the same but it’s not happening so this is not the problem.
And as I said 4 days ago everything was normal, it all happened in a sec. Something is wrong.

Hey Guys, now it’s 8 days for me and my page. Same problem, no reason, no answer. I don’t really know what went wrong. I tried to delete some latest posts but it didn’t help. I am really upset about this. How can you get blocked without any reason? You should always know what did you wrong. I know f***ing nothing. It really pisses me off. No respond at all.

By the way, this is not a real algo change, it is all about the 2020 elections and preventing lawsuits.

Capiche? Damn noobs and their diamond talk…

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Thanks for sharing the official response. How did you get in touch with them though? Is there a form you need to fill? If so, could you please point me to it?

Thanks a bunch, my page’s reach has been reduced to zero and I’m worried out of my wits.

My pages reach has been zero for a long time now and I just thought it was the standard for facebook now and the name of the game was paying for ads ?

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I have been struggling with this for like 2 months now. The blocks are always 7 days and when I start posting it happens again in a day, 2 or 3… The support have no idea why this happens and what triggers it… If someone has an idea what triggers the block PLEASE do share!

P.S. I don’t post clickbait, spam and so on. just a regular page with some nice content…

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