Ogads alternative ? Anyone?

i’ve been searching arround for Ogads alternative , basically i would love you to share an app promoting website

The basic factor why i dont like ogads i want to go for straight up app promotion BUT the daily caps on ogads makes
it impossible to promote.

if you help me an attack helicopter will land near your house full of proxy logins , no joke , it will smash by your house
and paper notes with proxy details will fly all arround. No but thank you in advance.

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Count me in as long as its this beast.

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When will the helicopter land ?

Checked this https://www.offervault.com/ ?


its on its way :smiley: i checked the offervault , cant seem to figure out keywords for it , all that i get is cpa + app , and i would kind of like something like pay per install + open like ogads. :cake:

remembered something . Checking cpalead now they had something like this.

Readed on BHW that someone was using https://www.clicksure.com/

Not sure about them, but they have PPD

sorr attack heli lost its path to your way , you’ve probbably been using proxy so it couldnt track your location ;/
Thanks i will check it , damn cpalead looks neat now :stuck_out_tongue:

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That heli must have a very old GPS then …

I also recommend CPALeads but I most used them for the display offers

Yay , i’ve found more then i’ve expected on cpalead (not affiliated post) , still open for more suggestions if anyone has to offer something :smiley: thanks for help anyways :slight_smile: