Ogads+Landing Page help needed

I just got my ogads account approved and my landing pages are ready (Requested from Ogads)

But the offers available on their landing page is not something I want. Can I edit the offer?

Like add a mobile content locker in its place or something?

Thank you. I am new to CPA and not sure where I am going.

What exactly do you mean? They have their own content locker there. Offers showed there are based on visitors IP location, you won’t see same offers as the visitor from France for example (unless you’re from France too :slight_smile: )


The offer is
Eg: Fill up your details here to verify your age.

But instead I want a mobile content locker:
Eg: Download this app to verify your age.

Is it possible for me to change the type of offers that are shown.

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You were checking your page from your PC didn’t you? If you check it from your phone, you’ll probably see only app installs there. Try it.


I also don’t know exactly what you mean but when you go to your locker settings you can choose if you prefer CPI, CPA etc…

Oh…this is awkward. Haha Thank you so much.

How do you do about the links when i shorten the links from the landing page i requested they get banned on instagram

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2 years later. Cmon man… :slight_smile: