OGAds Landingpages too big


My Atom still crashed since now it was more than 20,000 lines of code lol. Well at least it was a bit better than before. I’ll try to contact OGAds directly and if they don’t provide me with the landingpages I will somehow manage to do it. Thank you anyways for your contribution. :wink:


Atom is also slow for me even with a capable PC. Try it with Notepad++ it has no problem processing it. Just use it to split the files and then you can use Atom to edit it.


Hi, guys! Just a noob question here. If I don’t put the content locker link on the Ogads Landing Pages would I still earn money if the person on IG interacts with it?


No you would not get paid. You have to use your content locker link. You content locker has your id in it. That is how we know who to pay


Hey guys,can someone help me how i can set up my Ogads account am stuck on content locker and landing page