OGads shaving becoming a big problem

they fixed it so we are good :slight_smile: a a a aa aa aa a aa a

I don’t do CPA so can’t help with this, but maybe @Ogads can shed some light into it, or other community members that use them.

My CR decreased from 25% on 8% in the last 3 days with same traffic and same number of clicks!

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I’ve been hearing that way too many times today.

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If you using Instagram and having a bad cvr on Android apps

it’s because Instagram Updated and it wont bring you to the marketplace

just to an error page

Is there any way to fix that?

My CVR dropped from 22% to 11% this week, while my clicks/impressions increased from 30+% to almost 50%.

I was busting my brains to explain this phenomenon, even started changing lockers when I ran out of ideas.

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this is definitely the problem with the recent low cvr on ogads… can anyone please share a solution to this fix

I addressed my issue: yesterday I had 8% conversion from Android devices, today 0%.

I do not know the cause, so I need to change my lockers from CPI to CPA+PIN and prevent my Android traffic from going to Play Store.

How would you go about singling out the android traffic?

There are four options for lockers in OGads. One of them is to prioritize CPA+PIN offers. In theory users will not be redirected to Google Play, but to CPA+PIN offers.
I will test this and see what happenns…

It wasn’t OGAds fault it was something with the new IG update that made trouble when redirecting to App store. OGAds has fixed this and it will be implemented in a couple of minutes

Hey, Is your CR back to normal? My isn’t.

If you are using weebly with click button to proceed. make sure that you disable open in new window.
For me increased. CR

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Looks that problem is on my html code. Thanks for reply @frize

I’m not sure if they’re shaving or not but the evidence pointing that they are is too many.

For one, all my landers aren’t opening a new window/tab ever since I started. All my lockers are also on Theme 1. But I still got hit by the significant reduction of conversions.

And now, my conversions are going back up. I didn’t even change anything.

My thoughts? A timely excuse for this whole ridiculous shaving period.

I have got the same problem