OGAds Sites Have Been Down for Days

So, OGAds has had their stuff down for days now. Their latest response when asked about an ETA was that they had no idea. Kinda surprised no one here has made a topic on it. Does no one use them? Does anyone have any good alternatives that they’ve used and can vouch for?

Yes their LPs are down since January 9. You need to rip LPs and host them on your own hosting.

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Thanks @insomnijak for clarifying that it is only the OGads sites that are hosting landing pages that are down. I was about to ask funkytown what the h*ll he was taking about…

I’m not doing much with Ogads at the moment, but I make all of my own landing pages with leadpages. Much sexier than what they give you.

This is a confusing statement. I already do this. Instagram > web 2.0 > ripped landing page. When they click through to the content locker it directs them to OGAds sites to process the rest. How are you ripping landing pages? I’m using darcy ripper and the landing pages you can download directly from OGAds to host yourself.

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LPs are down, but lockers work. If you ripped LP correctly, put your locker, everything should be fine.


They back up now, but while they were working, I tried ripping with htttrack, it didn’t give me the index.html of the LP, but other sites I ripped gave index.html. what didnt I do correctly? Would really be glad if you chime in

Are you hosting the lockers themselves as well? OGAds has it setup, both with ripped pages and the pages that you can download through their tool, so that once a person clicks through to the locker, the locker is hosted on the OGAds domains and websites. It is usually a subdomain/subdirectory of their own landing pages. Do you somehow host the lockers yourself as well?

I assume you just have to rename something called “getpokecoins.html” to “index.html”

That would be too advanced for me, I never messed around with lockers.