Ogads Tutorial - Watching Videos But Confused

I’ve watched the Ogads video tutorials on their website.

Explanations are vague and approximate.

Trying to understand how to use Ogads.

Here’s the steps I’ve taken so far:

  • I request a landing page/s - done
  • I get approved for landing page/s - done
  • I create a locker with one or more offers in it - done


Do I put the locker code into my landing pages and promote my landing pages? But the landing pages they gave me ALREADY have offers in it. Am I content locking my offer landing page with other offers?

Do I just promote the Ogads landing pages on social media? (without content locking, that’s what I’ve been doing so far, since the landing page URLS have my affiliate code in it)

Do I just promote content locking pages on social media? (without the Ogads landing pages)

So confusing.

Anybody has this sorted out? @Adnan @euhero @Cryogenesis @anyone Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have chatted with Ogads support, they keep referring me to their training videos, where they don’t explain the correlation between content locker and landing pages.



You can either use the provided landing page you have requested - which you can test - and when people go to it, they will be presented with the content locker already loaded with your details.


You can create your own content locker with the locker code you have generated, and add that to your own site using the code provided after generating the locker.

You don’t have to create a locker to then upload onto the landing page generated by them. You can host your own and make it cool looking and a better url that isn’t blocked, but all up to you.

Now you just share that link. Bear in mind if you just use a link shortener, or paste that link direct to IG, the crawler will detect it’s one of OGAds domains/scripts and block the link. Also many of their URLs and codes are now detected by adblockers, so you might want to host your own locker.

Go and check the landing page generated so you can see what actually happens.


Thanks @instagramfamousfam. That’s exactly what I was trying to do. No wonder ogads shows 0 clicks in my stats despite me sending messages to followers of “get followers” accounts with an offer to…get followers :slight_smile:

Hosting my own locker means creating a landing page or a minisite with the content locker code in it, and then send Instagram traffic to that landing page or minisite? Thanks.

Lol why pick such a saturated niche ? Goodluck

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Cuz I’m a noob :slight_smile:

Didn’t even know that was saturated. I read posts about ppl doing it back in Dec, which is 2 months ago.

So either:

A - 2 months is a long time and I jumped late on the bandwagon
B - Ppl who posted their method did so only when it was no longer profitable for them, so they still looked cool but gave me useless info

C - Both A and B

Thanks for the heads up @trueword

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Exactly. You can add the code and put in a javascript thing for when people click, or click a certain thing, on pageload, or after x amount of seconds. Means you can buy/build/steal good landing pages and use those. OR have your own offers.

It still is profitable, but that niche has been popular for a while so i’d expect lower clicks. Doesn’t mean its dead. If your cost per account and proxy is low you can definitely still make money. Try out that niche just to learn and burn accounts and stuff. Then test others.

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I still am confused by it all on OGads. When/if you build your own landing page, which OGads script/code do you use? And where do you put it on your LP?

Their videos make no sense for actually grabbing an offer and promoting it. Also, do they have contemt lockers already in their LP by default?

How do I alter, remove them? In a nutshell, wht exactly do you have to do to go from 1. Request landing page >>>>>>>>>>>>>> put (safe) link on IG?

Maybe Zach @Ogads can chime in on this as well :slight_smile:

Here are the basics

You start off with a landing page. A landing page is something used to draw in your visitor so that they want whatever you are promoting. Some examples would be free stuff, giveaways, hacks, followers, ect. In order for the user to get whatever you are promoting they must download an app or complete and offer if on a desktop. The landing page will automatically redirect them to your content locker. There the user must download an app to receive the goods you are promising. Be it free shoes, Instagram followers, or game hacks.

When you request a landing page from ogads we put your locker inside of the landing page for you.
Step 1 Request a landing page (wait to be approved).
Step 2 Promote your landing page

Its really that easy

There are some people who make their own landing pages who just need the content locker to make it work.
So they go have a website made then come to ogads get our content locker code and now their website can make them money

Hope this helps



How many direct messages do you have to send on IG in order to get a click with ogads?

Sent 290 DMs, no clicks so far.

@Adnan @euhero @Ogads

there really is no way to answer that question it can take 1 person or 10000000

Who says you need direct messages? They will help, but by following and liking pics of other users, your profile gets their attention, then they’ll click on link in your bio.

thanks @Adnan. It seems too good to be true and so easy, but I will try it.

Targeting an account with millions of followers, so sooner or later someone should hook…

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Ok folks, I must be doing something wrong here.

I’ve followed about 1000 ppl so far, all followers of “prize winning” niche, but not even 1 click in Ogads, let alone conversions??

I mean, not even a click to the offer?

I’m using 3 insta accounts. For 1 of them, besides following ppl, I also send them a DM to click on my bio to win a prize. For the other 2 accounts, I just follow ppl as @Adnan mentioned.

I wanna say that in my day job I’m a PPC manager for a large agency. I’m familiar with CTR and conversion rates.

Here, I’m not even talking about conversions in Ogads, but simple clicks. No one out of 1000 ppl clicked?? That can’t be true. I must be doing something wrong.

I checked the links in my bio, they all have my Ogads affiliate ID in them.

Not sure why I’m showing zero clicks

Anyone making a few dollars with Ogads, thoughts? @Ogads


Haha you’ve gotten further than me, I tried for one offer got refused without explanation. I too was completely lost on their site

That is odd that you did not get a single click you made sure ig did not ban your accounts or put a warning screen when you click on the links? Also try to target a different niche of people. Try and find accounts with around 500k-1million followers to target.

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You most likey tried to get access to our product offers. These offers are non-incentive and the advertisers want a very specific type of traffic. There are many rules thing you can and can not do with this offers. That is why there is an application process to get to promote these offers.

As for normal promoting everyone has access to all of our offers. We just do not give direct links to offers. Instead you use our content locker/landing pages. You promote content lockers/ landing pages then inside them are offers for the user to download.


yes targeting accounts with 1-2 M followers.

I guess it’s just a matter of time and patience.

Today I got 1 conversion and made $0.23 :smiley:

The IG accounts are not banned yet, although my goo.gl shorteners gets blocked, so I use my ogads tracking link in bio.

I wouldn’t do that. There are several threads around here that discuss how to safely post links to offers.

Such at this one…

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how can i host my own locker,my links gets blocked i dont know what to do