Oh the Endless Joys of Instagram Spam



i mean really? that guy sents you several messages that are completely different? one for sending you fake gift card and another for saying you will go viral? it seems that guy who manages that account (and other accounts too) just scrapes full list of instagram users and sends them all messages and doesn’t even care if the same account gets the second messae. wondering why his website is giving error… maybe he clocked it not good… and he has not only get-cards.me, but get-cards1 ,get-cards2 etc websites, all cheap asf domains for spamming


This guy can send spam messages and get 43,331 clicks on a link but we can’t breathe without getting blocked. :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s so true :joy:


i got these on all my accounts almost every day lol


Yes, people are sending fake promotion mails and DMs to semi-big or micro influencers who most likely don’t have the biggest collabs except 10% codes for BS, so they get excited.

When you guys want to protect your clients, warn them. This hackers are very smart regarding the “acquisition” as well as the hacking itself and the negotiation about the account later on. That they get the access to the original email as well is nothing uncommon.


You’ve created beautiful & eloquent summation here, my friend. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Anything is better and more entertaining than ‘hey :hearts:’. So I’m not complaining. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like all of us should somehow gang up on these spammers. Can you imagine if we all just set up DMs to only send to one username? How many inboxes do you think it would take to break their account?


I feel like all of us should somehow gang up on these spammers.

Oh wait

We’re all spammers…


Oh shit, just won a $1000 visa gift card. Thanks for the link!

Not really, but I get spammed by these fucks on multiple accounts every week


Are the accounts that send these new accounts or do they look hacked?

I always wonder how they can get completely new accounts to send 100’s of DMs before getting banned.


I get a lot of these everyday and it seems they’re always hacked accounts. About 10% of the time the real person sends a message after like “that wasn’t me!”.


i was hacking people accounts in the past, its really not that hard you only have to get access to the email and you will have full controle on the account. To get email you need to hack website users databse, scrape email, use tool to check valide email/pass and upload them to instagram account checker. Voila! you hacked your first account.


Nobody in 2019 IG - In Spam We Trust :sweat_smile:


This is the type of spam IG needs to focus on. I can’t take this anymore


Great one :joy: You will be a millionaire soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoever knows how, you’ll be golden. I see this sooooo often. It’s an epidemic. Imagine it spamming more and more


I have received many of the same from followers. Some post messages saying they are sorry but did not post them as they got hacked. Some – different people same account send a message don’t click they did not send them. These are normal users . kids, adults that live normal day to day with just a insta and snap accounts … What ever is behind this is extremely sophisticated and it’s a big operation


It’s like do you even know what your doing?


Where’s the link…?

I’m actually done.