Oh the Endless Joys of Instagram Spam


Just woke up to this.

I’m rich guys.


i got this type of messages ALOT


I should probably add that I don’t even follow this gentleman. Maybe it’s a new Cambridge Analytica survey. Guys… am I a… persuadable…?


Wait a second… Is this someone from the forum? Where’s that guy who just tried to sell 900 IG accounts. It’s him isn’t it? :laughing:


people who using instagram for CPA cant follow people now so they just send the messages randomly just a chance to pay the bills


you got this in spam messages or direct ??


Must be in spam if he didn’t follow him


@med_levi @socialgain

Believe it or not, this came directly to my inbox!

But I had previous conversations with this person once upon a time, so it wouldn’t go to spam for that reason.


aha thats why its didnt mark as request message


Im always getting - Get into my pants and that sort of thing :joy::joy:

No wonder, Instagram is doing massive things to get rid of them…


Those are more probably hacked persons. I get such a lot on atleast real looking profiles which i once followed.


I was thinking the same thing. It must be awfully easy to hack people these days. What websites are people visiting in order to receive these frugal hacks I wonder?


What do you mean by that is follow on cpa+ig dead ?


30k clicks/day? not bad… he must be having a lot of slaves…but sadly his website doesn’t open on pc or mobile…


LOL, too much traffic coming in…:joy:


Is the URL cloaked, so you can only see the site from the DM link as all i got was ;


<meta property=“og:title” content=“Get Your $1000 Visa Gift Card - CLICK HERE”/>
<meta property=“og:site_name” content=“Get Your $1000 Visa Gift Card - CLICK HERE”/>


What kind of sick experiment is this? :laughing:


promoting CPA offers via instagram


@pow @Drav wow if he can get 30k clicks daily its mean much money


Yes but you thinknis dead or still working because you told that people can’t follow anymore so they use spam dm but i think you’re wrong people still can f/uf even using spam cpa accounts