Okay so I have my own 4g proxy but can't connect more than one dongle? Will PAY

Hey guys,

So I have my own 4g proxy but I am unable to connect more than 1 Dongle (Unless I won’t rotate).

Willing to pay a lot for the person who can twist my script. Let me know,


The Joys, What you running it on?

Hey buddy,

Running on PI 4 and have diff dongles, some are : Huawei E3372H-153 and 607.

how many you connecting?

Anything over one dongle won’t work, Are you familiar with 4g proxy? I can let you look in the script and willing to pay if you may know what is wrong. It must be something so silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Send me a dm with your script an will take a look

You can also send me a DM if you need someone to set everything up for you