Old FB page 7000 generated likes

Hey MPS!

I have a old FB fan page with 7000 real generated likes, the page is connected to my earlier webshop which sold clothes for guys. The clothes was for male 14-45y/o

The page is not public right now, as the website is closed.

How would you use this page to generate some online money? I’m thinking some kind of CPA but without spamming people…

It is Danish people that follows the group.


To be honest I wouldn’t, you probably left the page inactive for a long time and even if it was active the organic reach will be dead since Facebook doesn’t show the page posts to a lot of people.

It will make more sense to join a bunch of Facebook groups with 5000 members or more and share some related offers there.

That’s only what I think, let’s wait and see what the other members think.