Old twitter accounts what to do?

Hey I am sitting on several hundreds of old twitter accounts (PVA accounts) where I do not have the phone number, but they are still valid, but did not do anything for about a year. So if I would start to warm them up, they might get a phone verification again. What can I do?

  1. Before starting them - buy a sim card and add the new number OR

  2. Can I wait if they need to be phone verified and change the number then or is this impossible?

  3. That is a general concern. What if I change number in real life and then get a PV? Are they lost?

I have been lucky and lost my old SIM that I last used for certain accounts. I couldn’t recover the phone number before adding to MP either.

I added them back, knowing the correct PW, but not the correct SIM phone #, on a proxy located in the same city as the last time it logged in. Right after adding I could see the profile and changed the number. THEN I was PV’d. SO I was able to recover.

I would test the new SIM, but unless your in the same city as the last time it logged in, you might get PV’d.

I think you should do 1 or two test accounts to see what works.

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What I mean : I add them and they are valid. Let’s say I change country, and the old SIMS are not working in the new country. Should I get new SIM and change them BEFORE they get a PV request OR the much cheaper way, wait until they get a PV request and THEN add a new number, if this is even possible?

Add them before if you’ve already validated them, otherwise it will be next to impossible to recover.

ah ok thank you

What about this scenario: I just delete the mobile number and do not add a new one - start following - when it gets PV request I add a new one. Any experience with this?

That could work but most of the time Twitter will just suspend the account and not ask you for PV

Yeah, but it’s worth trying. Try with 5-10 accounts and see how it goes.

There are some results:

So I deleted the phone number of 77 accounts and did not add a new one. I tweeted and followed moderately and after 3 days I got 5 password resets via email, but no suspensions and no requests to add a new phone number. So it seems to work to verify with and existing phone number and then delete it AND it looks you can remove the phone number from new bought ones PVA

Cool, I’m glad to hear that. Though, you could be asked to phone verify account at later stage, then you’ll have to add number there.

Sure but then you have a sim card which you have access to. I’m about to try something new atm, let you know soon

Made a test with a blocked account. Opened it they requested a phone number, put it in, get the code, insert the code, continue, go into settings, delete the number, close browser. Verify in MP. Works as well.

Go to the next account. They ask for phone. Take the one that you used in previous account, but have deleted as well. Verify this account with the same number. Delete the number from account. Verify in MP

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