Older accounts on Explore Page

I’ve read in different places that older accounts have more trouble making it on to the Explore page. Is there any truth to that? If so, why is that the case?

Interesting. Can you add more details about what you read on other forums or blogs about this? I always thought engagement is the key to appear in the Explorer Page. I’ve also seen a lot of aged accounts and few new accounts in the Explore page.

I doubt that, what would be the reason to do this for older pages, that’s just crazy… probably they were missing some other stuff that was going on.

I found a few threads talking about it on Blackhat forums. I’ll find them again and post the links.

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This saying comes from those offering powerlikes services, they say aged accounts seldom appear on explore pages and if you wanna use their services, better to start with a new.account and repost your images

I couldn’t verify this