Omfg ! Instagram Hashtag Reach blocked 100% even after elections?

Hey guys,

Some of you may have noticed the mess that the U.S elections caused on hashtag reach, with multiple people reporting having their hashtag reach cut down to 0 .

It`s now been a while and from what I can see from other ppl and some friend accounts everything seems to be back on track … except for my account !

I honestly have no idea how this happened since I really haven`t done anything wrong in my main, but ever since the elections took place (coincidence or not) I can no longer get any hashtag reach, I went down from the normal of 50% of my total reach being hashtag based to pratically 0, as it never went up higher than 1 or 2% again …

This is very frustrating as Ive put a lot of work into my account and not having hashtag reach at all has a severe impact in my engagement levels, so much that I dont even feel motivated to post anymore .

It`s been about one month and a half and my hashtag reach is still almost completely blocked .

However, this is a bit different from a shadowban, as when a shadowban takes place usually the posts wont even show in the hashtags at all, which after testing isnt the case .

Anyone else experiencing the same issue ?

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I am not following the mainstream news much, but last time someone told me things are still not “over” yet. Might be related to that whole confusion. Isn’t the election outcome still in the news?

It is also not 100% sure that things go back to normal, sadly.

Well by this time it should absolutely not influence the outcome at all, so it really doesn’t make any sense that it’s still affecting the hashtag reach in any way .

But well I see from other ppl and friends who regularly post on IG and everything seems to be fine with their accounts .

I’m starting to think IG just doesn’t like me cos I don’t spend enough time online