OMG! Anyone using the (NEW) EXTRACT EMAIL ADDRESSES feature?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to gain more information regarding this exciting new feature called EXTRACT EMAIL ADDRESS in the IG module.

I’ve looked online in the Knowledge Base and unable to get an information regarding this feature. Can anyone tell me a little more about how this works? Correct me if I’m wrong, if you could extract users from IG, wouldnt one want to set up a remarketing campaign and get laser focused by targeting these individuals?

Love to hear about this feature and those that have used it!

Thank you!

I don’t see the feature you are talking about, where is it?

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Don’t be excited -_-
it will extract email from DM IF there is email
i can post a picture on my page saying send me your email on DM if you want xxx
then the tools will extract all email that ppl will send you in DM
that’s it

Well! There goes my idea of world domination. (deep sigh)

Thank you for shooting down my dreams @Salamouna! LOL


you just have to send a lot of DMs asking for their emails :slight_smile:

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