Omg i cant belive it!

First of all I tell you that I am sending this message from a place that cannot be tracked because I do not want to earn any attributes.

The Giveaway ends, and I have a proposal for you, perhaps the most exciting of your lives. Let us all send a message to the world.
How? Perhaps some of you cannot imagine the power in your hands. Some of us manage hundreds or thousands of social accounts that can be read by people from all over the world and make everyone speak of a single message, it is something historical.
Why do it? I chose this forum to propose it because I am a grateful person, thanks to many of you I was able to learn, open source is our philosophy, good free education is not something that everyone has. Isn’t it time to fight for our ciber philosophy? the world system must change and we have the tools to communicate, a global language, a global currency, a global destiny, we must give that message and demand an answer.
Perhaps the price of bitcoin will skyrocket if we manage to install a message like this worldwide, but it is just because it is the return for our work and responsibility at this stage of history.
The message will go with the hashtags #Ciberdemocracy #демократиякибернетика #علم التحكم الآليالديمقراطية #控制论民主制. We must spread the ideas that belong to us. With the COVID-19 it is evident that we deserve a change, long ago we all perceived it.
Imagine being part of this, perhaps in another era, ideas were fought with bloody wars, today we already know that we have to fight them with the word, as the great forgers of history did.
A random button chose May 25 as the date for this great cyber revolution. I count on you? Discuss it, share it, shout it out.
Socials we start a revolution Lets go viral

(I started at mp social I love u guys) JC


Congrats for winning the giveaway!

I see you started a thread already. Good to see that. I’ll surely join the discussion there as soon as I’m done with moderating a forum.

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I’m so happy!! This is on of my email account on jarvee …removed due to privacy
Thanks and please be fast because tomorrow the license will expire :crazy_face:

Ah sorry, I thought you are one of the winners, but you’re not on the list…

who is going to pay me back the 30 secs I spend reading this?


:rofl: :rofl:


Where is the dislike button? :roll_eyes:


Right! When I first read this I thought I was missing something :thinking: :joy:


Cmon guys, he’s right. We have the power we’re not aware of :smiley:

It would be interesting though… Imagine all of us using all of our accounts to push something :joy:
I guess it would end up in all media, assuming we could organize something like that :smiley:

Edit: we can wait for elections here in Bosnia and I’ll run for member of presidency or something. We (You) could push me to the win :joy:


yes, run for something and you can count on us 150% :smiley:


Thank you, your support means a lot to me.
Since campaign will cost a lot, probably around 500K USD, you can start by sending funds to my PP.

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You might have experience with speed reading. Normally it takes more time :rofl: :joy:

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