On a mission [Youtube views]

Long story short,I am tired of 100’s of indians selling youtube views services, and i don’t know how they do it!
I just hate that feeling.

So as the title says i’m on a mission to find out how to get HR youtube views for 0.50$ or less .

Views generation methods known to me -

  • Popunder ads - Best option so far . cons - not HR
  • Google adwords - way too expensive
  • Facebook ads - still too expensive
  • View exchange sites (YTmonster) - not reliable on a larget scale
  • Botnets - Not worth
  • proxies - not worth
  • Tor - blocked
  • 3g phone farms - not worth

What am I missing? Help me solving this mystery ! :punch:

Try refreshing the video a few times every 20 seconds. Peace. lol

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Post part of it on your other social networks, with a link back to see the original.

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Do you want thr views to boost your video position in google/youtube

Or to convert/sell something

I think you are underestimating this traffic source . (all exchanges combined)

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just boost with fake views
@HenryCooper will have to take a closer look at that… Are there any particular ones you would recommend?

Well i think the problem here is - which also applies to many single-account growers on IG - they do not value their time correct . So it might take them A LOT of time to accumulate and generate all those views . Go on t-h-e-b-o-t-n-e-t forum . It is full of scam and referral bullshit . But when you say indians , they will most likely be on that forum .


The reason why the value of their “views” is so low is the following:

They get motivated to earn pennies online , they buy VPS with 1$ loaded VCC’s . They use Azure and many of the smaller cloud providers to get close to free processing power . With that processing power they run traffic viewers to accumulate points , then they sell this points . The problem is most of them wanted to use the views for them self (converting them to cash) , but then realize they can not do it . So they sell out . And because of the desperate sell out the prices are low .


I actually want all of this free well, not really free but since i have a ton of proxies already i could acumulate those points myself and spend on my videos

the most efficient way would be botnets , but i am not sure if

  1. you want to go that way
  2. your monetization method is more efficient then actually selling the raw views

My personal recommendation: Optimize the monetization method as much as you can , to a level where buying the views is not a problem anymore . In other words , just try to push your profits per 1k views as high as possible so you can keep buying and scaling (it is the same like facebook ads or ig shoutouts if you look at it from that perspective) .

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I want to run these views to test each video, and see if 1k has any impact on it’s rankings , so i would know on which videos i should be focusing more, and na ah i dont have enough time/money/ knowledge to start a botnet )

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o’cmon, How many of you thinks that Indians always use bot. Indians are worthless. They are running towards pennies instead of a dollar.

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What does HR mean?

Interesting to know that the demand for yt views exists, just yesterday a partner of mine wanted me to start selling youtube views with him, but I don’t think we can get them cheaper than 30 cents per 1k, so I don’t think I will invest in it.

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hr means high retention, and thaat means that each viewer has wached more than 50% of the video, 0.30 is pretty good though, are you using the wach exchange method? @Gernozarus

No I would be re-selling it, my business partner would manage all of that stuff I would just do the selling + business blueprint etc…

We might start with a small order to see if it is profitable, but I am not really convinced, just wanted to mention it here.


how would you generate your youtube views?

I was gonna re-sell it. Actually, I totally forgot about this ‘project’