One Day Long/Post Specific Shadowban?

Over the past few months, I’ve been noticing that certain posts get shadowbanned (they have no views from hashtags/don’t show up on hashtags at all). However, I may post something the very next day and that post can go viral and get 30% engagement from explore/hashtags/other. Has anyone else experienced this/what is the cause?

More background info:
-I rotate hashtags each post (none are banned)
-Do not use any bots
-I do use an engagement group. However, I perform half the comments from one of my alternate accounts and the other half from this main account and try not to do more than around 5 comments per hour.

Any advice or discussion is appreciated!

IG uses image detection software and certain types of images seem to be penalized by Instagram, either intentionally or unintentionally. For example, most graphics that use shirtless photos are now penalized by IG and will rarely show up on explore or rank in hashtags. However, there also seems to be images that should not be penalized yet they also experience this from time to time. Their algorithm isn’t perfect.

Hm that would make sense as it is in the fitness niche! Any way to block the image detection by IG?

Nope, just have show less skin