One instagram login linked


Is it a good idea to link one login account with 2 brand accounts ?

Not sure what do you mean, can you give us an example?

Is it a good idea in terms of security, having my 2 brand accounts linked into one Instagram password ?

Depends on how secure you make your passwords.

Can you stomach losing access to both accounts if someone somehow gained access to that password?

That’s what you should be asking yourself for your answer

Hahahah thanks for your answer of course not , but it removes the pain away from having 2 different phone numbers on both accs

You can add the same phone number on both accounts. I think it’s better than using one account’s login to sign into those two brand accounts.

I believe @ossi 's solution is more suitable for you. As you are eligible of using the same number on 3 IG accounts as far as I can remember last time I tried.

Yes, it’s better to have the same number linked to your brand accounts that way you will avoid multiple logins all day long and i think you can do that for more than 3 accounts but i don’t remember exactly…