One of Buyer want insta user id and password before payment

One guys want insta user and password before payment . He told if he can change email id and password I can recover easily with help of OG email . Is it true? Or some guys have trick to change email and password and i can never recover with help of OG email.
He also send me one of page password he tell someone scam him he just want to credential so he send paypal order note need password of gmail account.
Guys please let me know what’s the role of OG email hoe secure it is?Is it safe? He told within 5 minute once have insta user and password .But i an so worried becoz its my main account. What the suggestion of you guys?

It’s possible to bypass instagram 2 factor authentication ?

Never give credentials before payment. You should use a trusted escrow or a sell through a marketplace that verifies buyer and seller

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Ofc he will scam you lol, you pay before only to hookers and for Instagram accounts! So nothing before he pays you :slight_smile:


Thanks bro sure i will not give them I suggest but he denied tell fameswap is scam like this not want to use third party only telling me give me insta user and password then i will send paypal you have two verification enabled and able to reset via OG email etc

Fameswap is a scam, it’s a scam for the seller. Thier escrow service will fuck you over

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Then whats the best service to use for selling instagram account.

I’m not really sure but just as a warning, if he is paying by PayPal even if he sends through friends and family he can do a chargeback with his cc and you will lose the money + $20 chargeback fee from PayPal. If the account is valuable I would suggest trading with crypto. I’m sure there’s good escrow services out there but I don’t know any do keep looking.

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If he pay via paypal then i think its safe we have dispute facility in paypal but main issue is that he asked instagram user id and password before payment.

Keep in mind selling an IG account is against IG’s terms of service. As such you have no leg to stand on to argue a paypal dispute. In fact if paypal find’s out you’re selling IG accounts you run the risk of getting your paypal account limited/banned. So in a dispute your best option is to actually just refund asap before paypal’s team gets involved.

Either use an escrow service or use crypto to fascilitate payment. The only thing the buyer should be concerned with is that you actually have control of the account in which case a DM to them from the account is enough for proof. Beyond that it is industry standard the buyer pays upfront for direct transactions.

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Thanks mate I really don’t able to figure it out how people sell instagram account. On BHW see lots of people selling insta account and accepting payment into paypal.

Is it possible without OG email some one reset password? I have checked with other account someone change email i got email from instagram then i recover those account. But still i afraid that guy may have some tips to reset password.
He only asking username and password of instagram only not of OG email. I tested when someone login into my account from other place i got security code because of two factor authentication but still i am sure risking to give insta user and password before upfront.

Just because other’s do it doesn’t make it smart :wink:

The problem is until he pays you giving him access is a bad idea. Even if you can recover using the original email he can do serious damage to your account (delete your posts, DM spam, just delete the account, etc)

If the sale is for under $50 if he isn’t willing to pay upfront he is not worth it. You’re better of finding another seller. If the account is > $50 then I can see his concerns if he hasn’t done business with you before but then you need to use an escrow service or get paid in crypto to protect your interests. Anything else is a bad business decision on your part (in my opinion)

Socialtradia is a pretty solid service. I don’t know if they’ll do a direct escrow for you BUT if this guy is a shmuck they’d be a good choice for selling your account. Not only will they find a buyer (depending on the account of course), usually it’s for a premium price and they handle the escrow process. Never had a problem with them myself.

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Don’t fall for that cheap scam. They give you high deals so you’ll have all your mind there. Tell him it’s a No. He’ll get all account details after you’ve gotten payment

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I bought an account a while back and paid before we got the info but used paypal services in the case we didnt get the info to dispute it

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Thanks for detail explanation and suggesting Socialtradia.

Okay thanks Sure I will going to tell him. BTW he don’t give high deal Average deal just method to find how can deal close.