One way to kill your IG accounts engagement

so let me show you one deterrent example of how to kill your engagement 101. tl.dr

  • we were automating our clients account (playboy model - good looking girl)
    even with conservative settings she was growing 1-1.5k followers within the male audience in our small country a mo/ (even after June apocalypse)
    enormous engagement
  • and after we got Account Compromised she I assume thought it would be a good idea to buy followers and now she is losing them on a daily basis as those followers are easily detected by IG.

those who manage clients accounts, make sure you communicate that quality > quantity of followers matters. Explain that this is literally the worst decision they can make, which is hard to take back.

have a nice weekend


Thank you for the head ups, I was going to actually buy fake followers .

I agree. Fake followers are detrimental. Do you think You can recover her engagement?

yes I can, but she will be charged for it. :smiley:

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How you plan on doing this if I may ask? Are you filtering out and getting rid of the fake followers?

Block followers tools, since she bought these followers (see image attached) in last 14 days

that means you know who to block 8) I can go in full detail later

still need to get like 90 likes and 100 replies to lvl 2 T_T


100% a no-go with clients (our company only manages clients, 0 slaves)

if you are talking about slaves, then fk it and do it I guess as for “social-proof” to look more legit.

just 89 likes :wink: thanks for the reply

Do you have some screenshots about her engagement also ?

not as of now, but since ER is a mathematical equation which involves #followers and #likes n comments which when u buy fake follows only increases one part of the formula, the followers… then its pretty logical

What happened in his mind to think that buying followers would be a good idea

i wanted to try it