Onion in your sock, does it work?


And now I’m hungry :smiley:


Throw some ginger in there too.


I’ll try that too, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


When I catch a cold I just eat more veggies and it helps a lot. Normally I eat between 500 to 1000 grams of vegetables a day, when I am sick I go up to 2 kilograms… It does wonders. But remember to always eat them with a little bit of fat, I found that using ground flax seeds for it is the tastiest (and quite healthy as well, since you get some omega 3 in the form of ALA).


No seriously, not in your shoes obviously, but as a drink it’s tasty, healthy and hits the spot especially if you add soda water and a squeeze of lime or citrus really.


Yeah, I tried it and was good. Will try it with soda water later :slight_smile:


A Kilogram of vegetables a day?!



In New York I onion rock, hide it in my socks!


It is not that hard. A big broccoli can be 500 grams easily. Then you add 200-300 grams of spinach to your smoothie, snack on some cucumber from time to time, and in the evening enjoy some steamed vegetables like peas etc. :slight_smile:


GIF’s will make the Gods angry, so I’ll just reply with an emoji: :laughing:


Emoji are also verboten.

I was told I can only use ascii.



Can we add emotions to the hards, I want to feel sad about things people say :cry: