Onion in your sock, does it work?


Yeah, may sound silly and smelly but I’m actually thinking of trying this tonight :slight_smile:

Here is what I know so far (from a few articles and YT)
– It was used centuries ago to ward off Black Plaque, not really sure if this is a fact though
– It has Phosphoric acid w/c they said can purify your blood as it gets absorbed from your feet
– Kills bacteria and other bad stuff, so good for deodorizing

So, anyone here done this before? I’d love to hear your thoughts :grin:


Are you trying it for a particular purpose? (against symptoms etc.)


For colds and for detox too :slight_smile:


I really like your attitude of trying to cure and treat things in a homoeopathic way. Never lose that!! :pray:

For colds i try to consume more honey. (http://homeremediesforlife.com/honey-for-cold/)

For detox i can’t recommend anything since i am not on that train yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the tip, will check it out :slight_smile:


Especially in my family when people get old, you see them taking more and more medicaments. And at one point they will decrease the remaining life because of all the side effects. Especially the over-use of antibiotics also leads to a lot of problems we have nowadays regarding the bad guys building up resistance.


And here comes more sorry. A few years ago i had weird skin reactions and occasionally shortage of breath (without doing any activity at all). Doctors made blood tests and gave me a huge ass medication with Cortisone - which is something that in my opinion should only be taken for emergencies. Thankfully i decided to not take it and by accident i moved to another apartment. Turns out the office chair i was sitting on had low quality leather which had chemicals that got absorbed by my skin…


Yeah, they are quick to prescribe and when it does not work, they’ll recommend a stronger one. But it’s their job, so can’t really blame them for that. As for me, I’d rather try home remedies first, it’s organic and less expensive, there’s no harm in trying anyways :slight_smile:


About cortisone, I remember a few years back I had Pityriasis Rosea, it was not itchy at all but I was a bit concerned because there was a big patch on my back and smaller ones on my arms so I had it checked and they told me to take cortisone, but they did not tell me what I had, felt weird then. So I called a former classmate of mine who is now a doctor and asked about it (as much as I’m embarrassed, but I’d rather get a honest opinion). That’s when she told me, don’t take the meds, it’ll go away on it’s own in a few weeks…and it sure did :smile:


I mean, if garlic fights off pesky vampires, I’m sure sock onions will fight off most other things, especially those irritating germbag humans.


Best quotes ever.


This is where I like my onion to be :smiley:


Cevapcici definitely can’t go withhout onion :yum:


Yesterday i bought onions to eat with my dinner like this

The half of this bag they throw it in my garbage can in my kitchen.
9 hours later i come back home and my house smells very VERY bad.
So onion in socks ? I don’t know…


In eastern healing methods onion and even more garlic (in support of treatment cancer, parasites, aids), they are very much appreciated for their medicinal properties.


I read one travel tip, that you should roll up your underwear and put them in your shoes to save space. I did that and my crotch smelled like my feet. Thanks a lot buzzfeed.


Still better smell than it would be if you didn’t put your underwear in your shoes :joy:


hahaha, :smiley:


That’s some talent that man got there…


Yeah, garlic+honey+lime does wonders :slight_smile: