Online business model for faster revenue?

Hey guys, i want to ask you , what online business would you recommend which would not take much time to see first earnings? Things like creating your own blog or youtube chanel can take even years until you see first money, so i’m interested in faster methods. I want to do only honest and legal business without misleading people.

Can anyone recommend where to start?

Best thing is to find something you are interested in and learn that. Get rich quick schemes don’t exist and when they do its luck.

So, just get started on something that you love to do.


It’s that easy.
Offer your skills and make a profit from it.
If you don’t have skills no one will need you so you should study. You can find a lot of good courses on Udemy.


Look at it this way. I’m a personal trainer of 10 years. I started instagram wanting to make a business at selling self help to people that like comic books. I realized that most of those people do not have money. (Under 18).

But, grew an account to 150k+ with no automation. So, tried fitness and then came to mpsocial and started jarvee. I then spent 6 months growing my own pages and learning. Selling online fitness products etc.

But, I kept getting asked to do ms for people on this forum. I kept saying no, over and over. Because I wanted to do my own fitness stuff.

Until I realized that I wasn’t that interested in the fitness side anymore. I liked to just grow accounts in general, I liked marketing. So, I gave up on my own accounts and just work with clients.

I have some side projects on my mind also. But everything has been a branch, from one goal to the next. You don’t really know what will interest you or make you money till you try some things.

Ive seen you @Ins post lots of times asking about this stuff. Hence I thought id share this knowledge. There’s lots of stuff that can make you money. But you need to be interested in it to work your ass off.

Do you want to be behind the marketing, the face or something completely different? Find your dream goal (for right now) and see what you need to get there.


I would go with any services which is about cryptocurrencies. this is the hottest niche right now. other then that, Social media services like selling followers/likes etc are also profitable.

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What can you offer? what skills do you have?

There is no fast and easy business, if there is, then everyone has their own business by now. Business is a risk that you should take. Never expect that it will click right away. Trial and error are needed and finding the business that you are passionate about are important. It is more likely, that you will work hard if you are very passionate on what you do. Especially you wanted an honest and legal business.

I suggest to choose whatever you are best in, then work your ass on improving it even more and once you are sure that you can offer your services and charge them, only then start with your business. Of course, if you are already on mpsocial, means that you are included into social media marketing one way or another, so steer yourself in one direction and stick.

I agree with hero the schemes of getting rich overnight don’t exist, what you can do is start with the small stuff like selling your skills or you can try ecom stuff, just the easy things and see how it goes.

I don’t really understand why you’re even asking this question, @Ins. You’ve been a member of this forum for years and have made money providing Instagram management services. Now, I know you spent years direct messaging people here and were spoonfed advice (which is probably what allowed you to make money) but you’ve gotta have a brain of your own by this point.

It’s not rocket science- what do people need and would they be willing to pay you to solve their problem? You could just provide a manual Instagram growth service OR, better yet, get rid of the mindset that so many of us here adopted way back in the day and try building a full service offering- content creation, marketing, etc not just follow/unfollow (:face_vomiting:).

The fastest route to money online for 99% of people is providing services. Personally, I provided services to clients for years- 2016 to 2020. Then, I realized I hated working with other people and I went all-in on blogging, which is what I’m doing now. Blogging is super slow but for me personally, I’d rather earn $0 for 2 years than have to deal with clients again.


yes I see your point, dealing with clients can be a pain especially if you have low tolerance to a lot of stuff, working in buissnes like blogging, youtube…etc that don’t need client attention is a good solution.

Being the boss really feels good, all things are up to you. Even if you are not earning much at least you are not super stressed dealing with others.

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You can try dropshipping (you’ll have to nail your social media ads if you want to sell fast moving goods/clothes) but don’t have unrealistic expectations regarding how quickly you’ll start seeing gains.

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what do you think about drop these days is it still profitable? does it need a lot of work to get good bucks per month? FB ads is still the main ads source?

Faster revenue, better look for most proper ways